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Pole is a new sport that is still developing itself in Switzerland, and there are different types of competitions.

Pole Theater Switzerland

This show is not to be missed ! The principle is simple: “tell your story” ! Michelle Shimmy and Maddie Sparkle created this competition, which has four categories to choose from (drama, exotic, comedy, and art). Athletes submit video auditions, and the four best from each category will perform at the competition.  Sequins, emotions and a competition based on communication with the public and its artistic impact.

IPSF Pole Sports

This is an internationally recognised competition by the International Pole Sport Federation (IPSF). It is organised by the Swiss Pole Sport Federation (SPSF), and it is on track to become the stream that will represent pole at the Olympic Games. The athletes are judged based on a very precise code and points system with respect to artistic and acrobatic skills, which need to remain within the principals of pole dance. This is by far the strictest version of the discipline but also the most impartial.

IPSF Artistic pole

The artistic competition is also organised by the SPSF, but it is a much freer style. It still has strict criteria and a precise method of judging, but in addition to scoring the level of difficulty of the figures, they also give points for originality and the expressive quality of the choreography.


Another international competition run by Pole Sport Organisation, this stream is gaining popularity in both Europe and the United States. There are five levels, eight categories, with some precise criteria, but leaving a wide margin for creativity. The idea is to give everyone a chance to shine on stage !


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What to expect from us :

– A 4h group training class reserved for competitors every Sunday  (class includes strength exercises, stretching, skills training, and coaching on your personal choreography)
–  personalised help to create and develop of your choreography, costumes or sets, help with the design of video auditions…
– Four private coachings to be booked on the slots provided for this purpose (mental coaching, elaboration and reflection around the choreographies, creation of combo and floorwork or training and parades of figure elements)
– Various master-classes with external speakers with experience in the different types of competition (coaches, medal-winning competitors, etc.)
– A free training slot reserved for competitors on Friday from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm.
– Mental preparation with Adèle Smet, psychologist specializing in sports mental coaching (2 group sessions + individual sessions on request for 120.-)
– T-shirt with the studio logo
– Towels and a locker at the studio
– SPSF or FPS jacket

What we expect from you :

As a competitor, the studio considers you a true ambassador of ADHESIVE STUDIO. We would like you to participate in one performance each quarter, and other occasional events inside or outside the studio.

Competition package price (40 sundays) : 1880.-

Half Competition package price (20 sundays to choose during the season) : 1280.-

(-20% for minors)

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