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Facilities :

– Small room: 5 poles of 3.5 m
– Large room: 10 poles of 3.4
– 4 hoops
– Locker rooms and showers
– Organic drinks at reception

Room rental : see prices

Complementary services (no extra charge for those with unlimited memberships and for competitors) :

– Padlock rental : 3.-/day
– Towel rental : 3.-/day

Practical access :

– Trams 12 and 18 : stop “Augustins”, a  2min walk away
– Close proximity to Migros and Coop car parks / alternatively there are paid parking places in the surrounding streets

General Terms of Sale : Learn more



Steph’s philosophy is that your success, is her success. She will tirelessly experiment with different methods of teaching in order to help you progress. A natural teacher, she will make you proud of every achievement as “there are no easy wins on the pole”. Her energy is so magnetic, you will never want to leave the studio !



Chloe may dream of running away with the circus, but until that day comes, we are fortunate to have her teaching aerial hoop with us! She will dazzle you with her gracefulness as she floats in the air with her hoop. Whether you join her for aerial hoop or pole class (yes, she does both!), you will love her sweet teaching style and the amazing tricks you will learn. Anyone can live their dream of a circus life in her classes.


Lucie not only has an eagle eye for correcting the finer details of every pole move, but we love her for being able to deliver her feedback with a great sense of humour. Her favourite moves are those we like to call “lean & squeeze”. Basically, the more you grip using counterweight and skin grip, and the less strength is needed, the more she loves it ! You might also find yourself tempted to visit her outside the studio at her daytime profession as an osteopath if your body is feeling a little battered by the pole !


AKA “Cap-Chloé” on instagram. The kamikaze of the team. Always in control, this competing party girl looks for the most acrobatic and seemingly impossible moves she can find, so that she can figure them out and disclose the secret of conquering them to her students.

Her madness is only matched by her broad smile. An adrenaline junkie and a breath of fresh air, she will infect you with her motivation and confidence !


From acrobatic rock to obstacle courses, Catia knows all the secrets to strengthen your joints and muscles. A school teacher by day, she is disciplined, meticulous and attentive. What you see is what you get – a real encouraging and effective teacher.

She can’t help but  motivate you; and you will eagerly punish your body just to get good grades !


Jue is the little prodigy of the studio, only discovering pole two years ago. Passionate and driven, she worked hard on her strength, flexibility, and skills so that she could compete in this short period of time. Winner of Pole Theater Switzerland 2019 in the Amateur Drama category, 4th in IPSF Pole Artistique and Sport. Her perfectionist soul is reflected in her performances and achievements  on stage. Her gentle voice will help you to accept the rigor of her intense exercises, and her smiles will reassure you of the safety of the contortion figures that she loves so much.


When searching for someone who embodies powerful moves, clean lines and a gentle teaching style with a reassuring hand, the studio was blown away when they found this gem from the gymnastics circles. Jeremy is a curious, fearless, wise and conscientious teacher who will make you love strengthening your muscles. He will expertly guide you in your moves with a lot of encouragement and knowledge.


Our bubbly, sunny and funny Rafaela is a virtuoso teacher. Students are impressed by this Latina sensation who can draw on her experience as a Samaritan and medical student. You will quickly be seduced by her sincerity and profound generosity, which you can enjoy every Saturday morning !


She has the looks of a blonde doll and gives off the vibes of a super chill cowgirl. Coming from a background in acrobatic gymnastics, Cintia is an athlete with spectacular curves. Her inability to sweat from her hands and her beautiful long arms sometimes make us envious, but at the end of the day everyone loves this girl for her genuine goodness and kindness.


Our “Sweet Submarine”, usually devoted to seduce our taste buds during aperitifs and studio parties with her delicious meals, has the gift of combining flavors both on the plate and on a pole ! So this show girl can put on her exo heels to teach you how to tease as well as put on a red nose to make you laugh to tears ! A piece of the ADS dream team puzzle needed to replace if necessary and make any circumstances as easy as (vegan) pie !


She has almost all the characteristic of a Candy cane: her bendiness, her slender form and her sweetness … But only in appearance! Our Candy cane Candice started her journey with her legendary and natural flexibility as her strength, but she quickly got to build the muscular strength that was missing so that today she can climb the levels of Pole as climbing stairs 4 by 4! Having a sudden passion for the aerials sports, she haunts the studio day and night to help you better! Unlike a Candy cane, she bends but does not break and her tangy humor will surprise you as much as it will seduce you!


Sarah is THE charisma! Quickly spotted among our students, her hypnotic presence and her teaching skills caught our eye from her very first Step around! A level of personal demand and unparalleled determination have enabled her to progress quickly, so many qualities that she is keen to pass on today both in her classes at the Studio and in her daily life as a geography teacher. So if you need a head-upside-down GPS, she will know how to map you from head
to toe to orient you in a snap, and with style, of course!


In the crazy family that we are, Estelle is the one who will make you travel the furthest! From her Asian playlist to her playful little laugh, she gently hypnotizes you to make you bend better! Your legs will stretch by themselves and your back will soften gently, seduced by the beauty of its lines!


Ever since he got his hands on the handle of our front door, he’s been stuck! Proof that ADHESIVE STUDIO lives up to its name! Vava may be the adoptee of the ADS purebred gang; he found his peers with our teachers : versatile, pedagogue and precision technician! His laughter plays down and his flow bewitches you to help you achieve your craziest goals!

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