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What to wear (for all levels) :
Shorts, T-shirt or singlet, bra (for women). No body moisturiser or jewellery.

Learn basic techniques and moves in order to circle around and climb the pole.

Prerequisites: None, this course is accessible to all !

Deb 1 (begginer 1)
Learn and master a wider range of moves, though no inversions yet (head upside down).

Prerequisites: have acquired the basic movements taught in the course of initiation (climb, sit, fireman …).

Deb 2 (begginer 2)
Learn more difficult moves, including inversions and the pole tricks that epitomise pole dance.

Prerequisites: have the strength to pull up from a fan-kick to sit. Be comfortable holding onto the pole with only legs (thighs or back of knees). Comfortable with spin moves (on both a static and spinning pole).

Inter 1 (intermediate 1)
Learn more complex moves, and how to link several moves in sequence to form combos.

Prerequisites: be able to invert, mastered the open V, inside leg hang, outside leg hang and butterfly from a basic Invert.

Inter 2 (intermediate 2)
Learn moves requiring more strength and flexibility, as well as more complicated combos.

Pre-requisite: be comfortable with a handspring (batman), shoulder mount, brass monkey and the basic transitions taught in inter 1 (on both sides).

Avancés (advanced)
A class that requires great strength and extreme flexibility of the back and legs to help you achieve the mythical moves that defines pole dance.

Prerequisites: to be able to do the splits, have good flexibility of the back and shoulders. Feel at home on the pole.

Pole “Tous niveaux” (all levels)
A mixed level class accessible to all from Beginner 1 onwards, where the teacher with guide each student based on their level.

Studio libre (open Studio)
No teacher ! You are alone with the pole and able train freely ! (If the class taking place in at the same time in the other studio is cancelled, the Open Studio slot is then also cancelled).


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Pole enfants (Kids)
Learn the basics of the pole in a fun and age appropriate way.

Age : 7-10 years

Pole ados (Teen)
Learn moves and spins which highlight the sporting aspects of the discipline.

Age : 11-15 years

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Exotic pole 1
Choreography class in heels combining floor work, dance and spins without pole inversion. Learning the first classic exotic tricks (waves, roulades, sensual floor work).

Prerequisites : minimum level “Pole Débutant 1”

Exotic pole 2
“Russian style” choreography class in heels combining floor work, dance and spins with pole inversions.

Prerequisites : minimum level “Pole Débutant 2” + validation of Exotic Pole 1 level

What to wear (for all levels) :
Comfortable shorts, T-shirt or tank top, sports bra for women, platform heels, knee pads. No cream on the skin, no jewelry.


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A choreography class that will combine dance and the technical moves learnt in our pole classes.

Prerequisites : minimum 2 or 3 classes of Deb1 level


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Level 1
Learn inversions and different ways to climb the pole.

Prerequisites : minimum Deb2 level

Level 2
Work climbs that require advanced strength and control: shoulder mount, flags, boards

Prerequisites : Having validated the level 1 skills (basic-invert, inverted V, shoulder mount,
batman, cart wheel, positioning and momentum in twisted grip, caterpillar
mount, chopper, …).


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Learn acrobatic tricks on the pole : flips, drops, somersaults and dynamic moves.

Prerequisites : Minimum Inter 2 level